Dr. CK Noelle "Tao of Self Care" (2018)     CA Psychologist 34914

Dr. Noelle is an integrative Clinical Psychologist specializing in MBSR  for  Stress and Burnout. She has a background in neuropsychology,  energy work, mindfulness, and education.

Welcome to Your Well-Being Practice

Blue Coast Therapy                                       is a mindfulness-based practice that combines a coaching style with evidence-based research on stress relief and well-being.

 BCT blends tradional talk therapy session with alternative modalities supporting mind-body-spirit balance and encourages a total healthy lifestyle.

A subsidiary to ACT5 non-profit programs, Blue Coast Therapy is expanding from a consultation model (since 2019), to a collaborative mental health care organization encouraging mindfulness-based services via Blue Coast Healing Arts. 


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Therapy Modalities

Talk Therapy incorporating